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All classes are 100% beginner friendly and open to any level of yogi!

Yin Yoga ~ Tuesdays ~ 7-8 pm ~ Last Mountain Cultural Centre, Regina Beach

Yin yoga is a slow-moving, restorative form of yoga which counteracts the stronger and more active yang yoga style.  In our yin yoga sessions, you’ll be guided through a series of postures which are held for several minutes.  As we soften into each pose for a longer hold, the ligaments and joints of the body are positively affected as much as the muscles, creating a deeply nourishing class for the body and mind.

Drop In Price- $15 or $10 with Town of Regina Beach Rec Membership ~ Memberships & Class Packs also available ~ Pre-registration not required

Nurture: Yoga for Women's Empowerment ~ Thursdays ~ 10:30- 11:30 am ~ Wilkie Wellness, Regina

Inviting you to join us for a women's only yoga experience in this deeply safe and supportive class. We will hold space for women's healing as we work with different energies of the feminine.

Explore topics such as our cyclical nature, balancing of yin/yang (feminine/masculine) energies, healing of intergenerational women's wounds, and how we can connect more deeply to ourselves, our bodies, our wombs.

Inviting you to work with a combination of slower restorative postures, powerful flowing movement, and breath work that are supportive to women's health. Prepare to tap into the divine feminine.  Let this space be your safe outlet and support as you bravely walk your path!

Drop in Price - 15.00 +gst ~ Class packs and monthly memberships also available ~ Pre-register through the Mind Body app

Slow Flow Yoga ~ Saturdays ~ 9-10 am ~ Last Mountain Cultural Centre, Regina Beach

Gently warm up the body with free flowing movements designed to get you in touch with your body.  Experience a balancing of the body and mind as you explore flows and poses at your own pace.  Join us on  a journey back to self as we play with different themes each class, uplifting the body, mind and spirit.

Drop In Price- $15 or $10 with Town of Regina Beach Rec Membership ~ Memberships & Class Packs also available ~ Pre-registration not required

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