Words & Language We Might Use (In a Non-Diet/ Weight Neutral Space)

Weight neutral:

Food freedom & body acceptance (aka the work I do) is weight neutral.

This means: I am not for or against weight loss. One of three things will happen to your weight if you choose to let go of diet culture & find food freedom: you will gain weight, you will lose weight, or your weight will stay the same. I don’t know what you are supposed to weigh (and neither does the BMI chart), but your body does—it will intuitively have a set point that it defends and returns back to.

Weight inclusive:

Weight inclusive people/spaces accept and respect the diversity of body shapes and sizes. We also work to reject the idealizing or pathologizing of specific weights. AKA weight inclusivity stands for all bodies. There is not a different set of guidance for healing for people based on size, age, ability, race, gender.


Fat is a descriptive word- just like tall or petite. Many people use the word fat to reclaim it, and as a way to dismantle the derogatory or negative associations people may have around this word. Body diversity is a real thing and it deserves to be treated as such- without discrimination or marginalization of any body. The use of the word “fat” may be triggering for you or others- for many it is tied to judgement, bullying and bias- you choose if using this word feels right for you.


The fear and/or dislike of fat/larger bodies. The irrational fear or dislike of people who are not thin/small bodied, or of not being thin/small bodied yourself. Fatphobia perpetuates negative stereotypes about larger bodied people that leads to discrimination.

P.S. yes you can be fatphobic even if you are large-bodied.

P.P.S. it’s not your fault- fatphobia is largely a result of cultural/societal conditioning.

P.P.P.S. although it’s not your fault, it IS your responsibility to unlearn the judgments and biases that lead to marginalization of fat bodies.

This is big stuff to unlearn and I’m grateful you are here! Drop a comment below with questions 🙂