Releasing Distraction and Coming into the Present Moment: Lessons Learned When I Stopped Watching TV

The Back-Story For July & August of 2017, I declared a TV ban.  What did this mean?  To me it meant no television (including Netflix) but I might watch the occasional movie with family, going to theatres with friends, etc.  After finishing the latest season of OITNB on June 30, I thought, “Okay, no problem, … Read more

Supplements for Students: Supporting Your Body & Mind While in School

Hello my friends!  With September upon us we welcome Fall, and, for many of us, the return to school.  University, college, trade school, online classes… whatever it may be, school and all the learning, studying, and growth that comes along with it can be quite taxing on our body, brain, and our mental health. In … Read more

How to Detox Safely

Detox.  We seem to hear that word thrown around quite often these days.  But what is detoxification?  Well, detoxification is the elimination of accumulated toxins from our blood and tissues.  Toxins are substances that irritate or harm the body.  It’s important to note that our incredible bodies naturally detox themselves every day.  However, supporting our … Read more

Self Love as the Basis for Healing; My Health Journey & the Lessons I Learned Along the Way

When you reflect on your health journey, or your journey through life in general, which things become clear to you now, in retrospect?  For me, what started as a journey to physical health ultimately led to a journey of soul healing and discovering how to love myself.  If you’ll be vulnerable with me for a … Read more

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