Sacred Sisterhood Gatherings

A Monthly Women’s Circle on the Full Moon

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Since the beginning of time, women have been gathering in circles to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and prayers.

Our monthly circles consist of a group of women, coming together to draw upon the powerful energy of the Full Moon. Together we create sacred space and experience the support of the group’s loving energy and intention in a healing and empowering manner.  Each month, we are invited to open our hearts and renew our connection to ourselves and our community. We celebrate the magic of sisterhood and offer loving support, encouraging each woman to embrace her unique and beautiful self and live to her highest potential.

We are excited to announce that our 2020 gatherings will include a special guest practitioner at each moon gathering!  Our special guests will be announced monthly and will offer a variety of gifts including sound healing, mantra, various styles of meditation, healing offerings and much more!

With a rotating theme each month, our evenings may consist of:

  • ritual and ceremony
  • meditation
  • journaling/reflection
  • gentle yoga/ freeform movement/ dance
  • earthing
  • expression, sharing and connection
  • Special guest practitioners each month

Our sacred sisterhood is:

  • a safe space for you to grow with and into should you decide to sit with us awhile
  • a non-denominational group; respectful of any/all beliefs systems
  • a space of deep listening and non-judgment- we listen merely to listen, we do not offer our opinions or advice unless specifically asked.
  • open to all women of any age and background who feel called to join
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Upcoming Dates (2020):

◇ Monday, March 9 ~ Special Guest Jade Kozowy

Jade will be offering her very special style of guided meditation, which has continued to fill her women's meditation groups season after season! Jade provides a safe and vulnerable space for your meditation experience. Her healing energy assists all of our own unique paths, using Reiki & hands on massage. Jade will guide us through music, crystal bowl sound & spoken word.

◇ Wednesday, April 8

◇ Wednesday, May 6

◇ Friday, June 5

◇ Saturday, July 4

◇ Break for summer ◇

(7:00 pm)

Important Information:

◇ Where >> We will gather at our home studio on an acreage near Lumsden Beach. Directions will be provided upon registration.  (Our space is a 30-45 minute drive from Regina, 8-10 minute drive from Regina Beach, and 15 minute drive from Lumsden).

◇ Exchange Options:

  • Join 1 gathering: $25
  • Join for 2 consecutive gatherings: $45
  • Join for 3 consecutive gatherings: $60

◇ Registration >> pre-registration is required (below)

Facilitator: Kaylee Woolhether

I am a holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, and women’s coach, and more importantly a woman seeking deeper connection in a busy world.  I am passionate about holding space for women and have hosted countless workshops and yoga classes, as well as interprovincial and international wellness retreats.  I am honored to co-create this space with the amazing women who choose to join!


Wherever you’re at, we welcome you with open arms!

How to Register:

Simply fill in and submit the form below (this will process your registration via credit card).

Or, if credit card isn't your thing and you prefer to e-transfer, click here!

I look forward to sharing space with you! <3

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