Wellness Retreats


Imagine yourself immersed in a space of love, peace, bliss, and connection.  You are surrounded by divine women- just like you- who want to reconnect with their inner power.  You are safe, supported, and nurtured as you do your healing work.  You are nourished with beautiful meals, sacred teachings, and incredible company.

Yes, retreats can be about getting away and taking some you-time, but they are not *really* about "escaping reality"... Retreats are a gentle reminder to come back home to yourself.  To rediscover the person you are deep down, underneath all the old conditioning and beliefs.  To remember that you hold the power to create your life in beauty, ritual, ceremony, and wonder- every single day.  Don't retreat with us to escape your reality... Retreat with us to remember how to create the reality that you desire and deserve!

I feel truly privileged and honoured to host life changing wellness retreats a few times throughout the year!  To learn more about upcoming retreats, please take a peak at our Events page for the latest details.  I would love to connect and retreat with you!

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