Energy Healing

Reiki Enegy healing

Friends, please note, due to COVID-19, and social distancing protocols, all sessions are currently available online only!

Reiki Energy Healing

Some of the greatest insights and shifts that have occured in my life are a result of Reiki.  This form of energy healing has truly changed my life and helped me move through old patterns and beliefs.  When we come together for a reiki session, we will connect beyond just getting you on the massage table and transferring reiki energy.  We will sit together in sacred space before and after our session... First connecting with each other, discussing what brought you in and what has been coming up for you lately (physically, emotionally, mentally), and afterwards, sharing our personal experiences of the session.  I will share with you what came up during the session, any messages I am meant to pass on to you, and what you can work with in your personal practice to continue your healing at home.

Reiki is a form of energy healing which positively affects the whole person (body, mind & spirit).  Reiki is a universal energy which functions at a higher and faster vibration than our own lifeforce/aura energy (also known as Ki, Chi, or Prana).  Thus, reiki energy is able to move through every part of our energy field, dispersing energetic blockages and promoting healing. Reiki supports and enhances the body’s own ability to heal itself. Learn more of the benefits of reiki here!

Energy exchange:

$65.00 (75 min session)

Tarot/ Oracle Card Reading

Tarot and oracle cards hold a divinatory purpose and are intended to bring the reading recipient messages, insight and knowledge to guide them along their life path. The cards I work with in particular are deeply supportive and motivating; they encourage you to follow your heart and dreams.

The cards work on the law of attraction and act as a mirror of our lives. They reflect our current situation and probable future based upon our current thought patterns, behaviours, and beliefs. The beauty in holding up this mirror is that we receive an opportunity to ask ourselves if we are happy and content with what we see reflected back. We can change anything we see in a reading by changing and elevating our thought patterns, behaviours, and beliefs, thus changing the vibration of what we are attracting into our lives.

Receive messages and guidance about life purpose, career, relationships, romance, health, or your life path in general!  Readings help you to find peace, relieving anxiety, worry, and fear. Empower yourself and improve your life!

Energy exchange: $40 (approx. 30 minute reading)

Reiki & Card Reading *Combined Session*

Highly recommended… The ultimate healing session!  Sitting together and connecting in sacred space, you receive a reiki session to balance body/mind/spirit, as well as an in depth Angel Card Reading to provide additional messages and guidance on your life path!

Energy exchange: $̶9̶5̶ Current discount rate (March/April) $80 (90 minute session)

Life Coaching Session

My one-on-one support is available for those who are ready to transform their inner world to create an outer world that is in alignment with their truth. Uncovering and re-patterning our outdated beliefs requires is a process... As a life coach, I help you dig beneath the surface of your thoughts and beliefs and identify any internal obstacles standing in the way of your healing, success and wellbeing. Receive coaching to help you shift into the mindset, lifestyle, and way of being that you deserve.

Energy exchange: $65 (60 minute session)

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