The Shift Program

An 8 week program for women who are ready to transform and heal their relationship with food and their body.  Coaching and support to help you shift into the mindset, lifestyle, and way of being that you deserve!

Darling, I've been there.  You are...

  • Eating out of balance- too much, too little, random times of day, junky foods, maybe even foods you KNOW don’t agree with your body…
  • Constantly “at war” with your body, talking down to yourself, and struggling to change the negative self talk.
  • Taking care of your family, friends, partner, kids, pets... with little time left for yourself.
  • Looking for a connection to something greater but not sure where to find it.
  • Experiencing low energy throughout the day & constantly feeling tired.
  • Craving change, but find yourself avoiding and “numbing out” with too much food, television, wine, online shopping, etc...
  • Uncomfortable in your skin and body, maybe holding excess weight that doesn’t feel like YOU.
Kaylee Woolhether Nutrition Coaching

But wait- this is not YOU. This is not YOUR TRUTH.
This is the result of old beliefs, conditioning, and habits.

You are not your body.

You are not your mind.

You are not even your thoughts (weird, right?)

So what is left...?

That is what we will discover together babe!

Let’s rediscover YOU.

Kaylee Woolhether Health Nutrition Coaching

Together, we will SHIFT you into a space of alignment with your truth.  The results?

  • You treat your amazing body like the gorgeous temple it is! Eating for nourishment and with joy.  You eat what your body truly desires when you are hungry. When you aren’t hungry- you know exactly what to do to fill any “cravings”.
  • You find peace with your body and begin to take care of yourself from a space of love and gratitude.
  • You easily set boundaries with family, friends, coworkers.  You feel less stress and you’re more patient.
  • You feel connected, you feel the flow of the universe working FOR you.
  • Your energy levels and zest for life skyrocket!
  • Your body and weight falls back into balance, and you remember what being YOU feels like.
  • You build the lifestyle you desire with grace and ease.

Ladies- working with you and helping you reconnect to your divine feminine power truly LIGHTS ME UP!  You are a living embodiment of the divine feminine, of the goddess. And whether you believe it yet or not- you are a creator, an intuitive, a healer, and a sorceress.  You’re a force of nature gorgeous!

First things first, healing your relationships with food and your body.  No more binge eating, emotional eating, and yo-yo dieting. We don’t need to hold those crutches anymore.  It’s time for you to remember your worth and why you deserve to treat your body like the damn temple it is!  My greatest passion is seeing YOU spark the flame of truth and passion inside yourself so you can go forward to light up the world.

I see the beauty and light within you.  I believe without a doubt that you deserve to be healthy and happy.  As all beings do! Let’s work together to help you get there.

Kaylee Woolhether

Your Program Covers:


  • On every level.  We move beyond physical nourishment and discover what your body, mind, and spirit are truly calling for when you experience food cravings.
  • Discover which foods support your body best.  Every body is different and there is no “one” perfect diet.  Digestive issues? Suspected food sensitivities? We can discover the root of those together and fill your body with the nourishment it truly desires.
  • Recipe suggestions, and ideas on how to upgrade your food and meals.
  • Guidance through the ever changing world of nutrition information.  Hint- let’s ditch the latest diet trends and superfood fads and tune into YOUR body’s needs.


  • Healing the “mean girl” mindset.  It’s time to turn off that negative self talk and shift from operating out of fear to operating out of love.
  • Understanding the power of thoughts and how we can use them to our advantage for creation and manifestation.
  • Learn how to “monitor the mind;” increase the space where you have a choice between reaction and response.
  • Awareness of our emotional body.  No more shoving down emotions, and numbing ourselves with food, alcohol, television, what have you.  Discover how to move through your emotions in a safe and healthy way.


  • Move away from a dieting lifestyle once and for all.  No more cycles of restricting and binging.
  • Establish a healthy relationship with food and your body.  Time to treat your temple with love and respect!
  • Learn more about yourself so we can utilize habit change strategies that will work for YOU.
  • Integration of intuitive eating and lifestyle practices that help you shift into the life you know you deserve!

Your program includes:

  • A welcome package upon registration.
    • You will be fully informed for our journey together, and we will be prepared to dive right in during our first session together!
  • 5 x 2-hour coaching sessions
    • We will sit together, in person or via video chat, and dive into the blocks, limiting beliefs, or mindsets that are holding you back.
    • We will discuss your goals, how you will reach them, and set you up with habit change strategies to get “unstuck”!
  • 3 x 30-minute check in sessions
    • Our phone check ins create accountability and remind you that you are fully supported in the work you are doing.
  • Email support throughout the entire program
    • I’m here for you between sessions for any questions, clarifications, or updates you may have!
  • All the resources you need to create a shift in your life.
    • Nutrition information, recipe suggestions, self care and journaling exercises, and much more.
  • Darling- this program is individualized to you, and will meet your unique needs!
Kaylee Woolhether Coach

Investment in yourself: $899

(Payment plans available)

Book your free 30 minute Connection Call with me to learn more and get all your questions answered!

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