Offerings by Kaylee Woolhether

Offerings by Kaylee Woolhether

Available in person, or via phone or video call.

Healing space is located at Wilkie Wellness (2614 6th Ave, Regina SK).

Energy Healing

Reiki & Tarot/Oracle Card Reading

Reiki Enegy healing


The Shift Program

Kaylee Woolhether Coaching

Wellness Retreats

Discover the Magic of Retreat

Wellness Retreat

Yoga Classes

Ancient Tradition meets Modern Life


Two energies exist- love and fear.  When we operate our life from a space of love, everything is possible.  I believe we can only create sustainable change if we are coming from an energy of love.  My Healing From The Heart Workbook is a FREE tool I've created for you.  This is a space for you to connect back to yourself and heart-centered goals.  This is so vital.  Use this workbook to remind yourself that we all deserve love, happiness, and health.  You are worthy of your dream life!  Take the first step today- get the workbook!

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