The Power of Love: Healing Day Retreat

Sunday, September 22


Inviting you to spend the day retreating with us on the Saskatchewan prairies, calling in the powerful energy of unconditional love.

Every moment of every day, we have the power to choose LOVE over FEAR. If you have felt lost, confused, overwhelmed with anxiety, unable to forgive or release the past, you may be experiencing an overtaking of fear.

This is your opportunity to step out of fear, to step out of the ego mind and step into the heart. Into that center of love we all hold within us. In the same way that light removes darkness, love can remove fear.

This retreat will guide you in the direction of living from a space of deep love. Love that is expansive; love that opens our mind to creating lasting change and endless possibilities in our life.


When we choose love,

  • we uncover the person we were always meant to be
  • we discover love as spiritual power
  • we remember that we ARE love

Our day will include:

  • Heart-connecting breath practices and meditation
  • Gentle & restorative yoga practices to connect you to your body and Self (beginner friendly, no experience required)
  • Teachings & guidance on understanding the true self (differentiating between Self/body/mind/ego)
  • Deep connection to nature: earthing & nature walks
  • Connection & discussion with like-minded people
  • Nourishing, plant-based snacks & communal dinner
Lumsden Beach
  • Space for self-reflection, journaling, and integration
  • A heart-filling meditative journey with cacao, sacred plant medicine

Tentative Schedule:

  • 12:30- 1:00 pm ~ Arrival and Settling In
  • 1:00 pm ~ Opening Circle
  • 1:15 pm ~ Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony
  • 2:30 pm ~ Nature Immersion, Earthing
  • 3:45 pm ~ Learning Circle, Teachings & Embodiment
  • 4:45 pm ~ Down Time, Reflection, Integration
  • 5:30 pm ~ Communal Dinner (plant-based, gluten-free, vegan)
  • 6:30 pm ~ Restorative Yoga with Reiki Energy Healing & Massage
  • 8:00 pm ~ Closing Circle
  • 8:30 pm ~ Home Time

Imagine yourself immersed in nature, surrounded by the endless prairie field and skies, overlooking the still lake. You are surrounded by divine souls- just like you- who want to reconnect with their highest Self.  You are safe, supported, and nurtured as you do your healing work. You are nourished with beautiful meals, sacred teachings, and incredible company...

My heart is expanding just thinking about the beautiful souls who will join us on this day retreat.

The light within me deeply loves and honors the light within you!

Lumsden beach

Your host- Kaylee Woolhether

As a reiki practitioner and holistic nutritionist, I believe in a holistic approach to healing- treating the mind, body, and spirit to heal the whole self.  I am passionate about creating safe, sacred space for people to connect- to themselves, to our circle of participants, and to nature. I am honoured to have hosted countless workshops and yoga classes, as well as interprovincial and international wellness retreats.

My yoga teaching style invites you to connect with your body and move however feels best for you.  I will guide you through meditation, poses and postures, but ultimately this is your practice!  We are working on a deeper level than simply the physical and connecting to ourselves on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

I greatly look forward to preparing and sharing food with you- conscious eating is a huge part of my life and practice and I look forward to sharing this with you!

I am honoured to welcome you into the serene energy of our home studio on the prairies for this day retreat!

Kaylee Woolhether
Yoga Retreat

Registration Details

Early bird price - Now closed (as of September 6)

Regular price $135 (registration closes September 20)

Our intimate studio has limited space, we invite you to register early as our last retreat sold out!

*If e-transfer is preferred, please use address kayleewoolhether@gmail.com and send a separate email with details to the below questions- many thanks!

Our property is located on an acreage near Lumsden Beach. Directions will be provided upon registration.  (Our space is a 30-45 minute drive from Regina, 8-10 minute drive from Regina Beach, and 15 minute drive from Lumsden).

I look forward to spending this healing day with you!

The Power of Love: Healing Day Retreat Registration

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