Receive: An Evening of Restorative Yoga

Step into the energies of receiving... being... and presence...


Inviting you to a healing evening of gentle yoga and meditation.

This offering is for everyone who tells themselves they are too busy to attend!

Give yourself permission to step into a space of receiving, and enjoy some relaxation and pampering.  We will utilize the beautiful practice of restorative yoga to help our relaxation response kick in- bringing you out of "fight or flight" mode and into a restful state of being. Top this off with healing touch, relaxing music, and a calming environment- this evening will recharge the body and mind, filling up your cup to overflowing!

Restorative yoga helps us cultivate the skill of conscious relaxation.  If you feel like you are constantly running, or trying to "get to the destination" (even if you're unsure what that destination is), this practice will be a friend to you!  You will be fully supported with props and feel minimal effort in each pose.  Restorative yoga invites you to come into the present moment and connect to the sensory experience of your body in each posture.

Come & experience:

  • A restorative, floor-based yoga class (gentle & beginners friendly)
  • Healing touch - reiki energy healing and massage
  • Guided meditation to relieve stress and calm the body/mind


  • Date ~ Wednesday, March 4th, 7:00- 8:30pm
  • Location ~ This evening is held in the serene energy of our home studio near Lumsden Beach.  Directions will be provided upon registration.  (Our space is a 30-45 minute drive from Regina, 8-10 minute drive from Regina Beach, and 15 minute drive from Lumsden).
  • Exchange ~ $25 investment in yourself
  • Registration ~ pre-registration is required (below)

How to Register:

Simply fill in and submit the form below (this will process your registration via credit card).

Or, if credit card isn't your thing and you prefer to e-transfer, click here!

I look forward to sharing space with you! <3

Receive: An Evening of Restorative Yoga

    *plus receive my "healing from the heart" workbook*
  • Price: $ 25.00 CAD Quantity:
  • American Express

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