5 Reasons to Attend a Retreat

Soulful women,

Here are the top five reasons why we think you deserve a retreat getaway to restore, rejuvenate and most of all, deeply connect to your core feminine essence and your capacity to receive. There are so many good reasons to take dedicated time for yourself, here are our favourite ones:

  1. Allow US to take care of YOU 

Beautiful, are you constantly taking care of everyone else? Imagine this- for one day- you are completely nurtured and nourished. You don’t have to plan or organize. You don’t have to clean and you don’t have to cook. Allow us to serve you love, you deserve it!

We see you- caring for your friends, family, partner, children, pets. Keeping everyone else afloat while your own head is barely above water.

This time, let us take care of all the details, and nourish you on every level. Physically- from clean, locally made meals to healing yoga practices. Mentally- through peaceful meditation practices, mindset shifts, and our gentle support. Spiritually + emotionally- including guided journeying with plant medicine (cacao), connection with fresh air and nature, and soul-soothing practices. Tapping into the divine feminine energy enables us to fully receive- trust that this is your time darling!

2. Refill your reserves

Babe, we know that extending kindness and goodness is a deep core belief of yours. You’ve seen the gentle power that love and kindness hold. When you find yourself in that space of feeling on edge, maybe even snapping at your partner and children- this is your gentle reminder to refuel your tank. We know you want to show up 100% for your family, friends, clients. And to do that you need to be centered, nourished, fully fueled, and ready to greet the world with open arms!

Let’s remove the word “selfish” from our vocabulary. Giving yourself the much needed time and space you need to rest and refuel allows you to be the BEST version of yourself- a true gift to the people around you. You know this tank can’t run on empty love, and burnout leaves you with zero capacity to care for anyone. If you see yourself on or near this path, a retreat is your pit stop! We’ve been there- overwhelm with life has you operating in an out of balance masculine energy- constantly doing, doing, doing- hoping you will get ahead.

Our retreats offers you a deeper understanding of how to balance the masculine/ feminine energies. Moving into a fresh new space which allows you to still get everything done, but in a smoother, more gentle manner- sans burnout!

No more missing out on special moments because you weren’t able to show up fully present. For both of us facilitators, opening up to a healing of our feminine energy and tapping into the pleasure of life has created such a healing that we are now determined to share. If you are tired and needing real solutions, we’ve got you! If you are open to really diving in, this retreat moves past the fluff to lead incredible women like you towards the ease and flow you deserve.

3. Reboot your creative juices 

Maybe you’re a creative who is feeling a little stuck, ready for some new inspiration, or maybe you have lost total touch with your creative side (creative outlet- what’s that?!). Wherever you find yourself, are you open to tapping into a deeper part of yourself that holds all the willingness, creativity and insight you could need?

Truly, we’ve been there- day dreaming about everything you can create, and later that night fearing you will never fulfill your calling, your life purpose. Babe- you are beyond capable of living your desired life.

Our retreat offers space to release those old beliefs and negative mindsets which are holding you back- while teaching you how to tap into your most powerful energy- your divine feminine energy. A side of yourself which draws forward your deepest desires along with the creative expression and energy to carry them out!

4. Generate meaningful connection

Ever attended a meet-up or networking event with the intention of really connecting with rad women, only to find difficulty going beyond surface level? Our retreats create a truly safe, open space for you to foster a deep, soul-level connection, not only with yourself but with the women attending this retreat. There is powerful relief in hearing others share their story and in sharing your own.

Babe, please hear us- we are all collectively experiencing the same things individually. In this space- where we can share our struggles and strengths, we are reminded of this truth. Any shame we feel about not having/ giving/ doing enough is replaced with a beautiful understanding and appreciation of our life experience.

This retreat is a space where you can show up exactly as you are. No keeping up appearances, no putting on a show, no judgement. Love, you are fully accepted and supported here! 

5. That post retreat bliss 

You know that feeling you get when you are on holiday? Escaping the “day to day” and experiencing the high of being present in a life you love.

That feeling tends to get somewhat stomped when we return home, no?

The super cool thing about retreats is that they offer you the teachings, practices and tools you can utilize to continue creating a life of bliss beyond our weekend together. In truth, the healings, experiences, and realizations that will unfold for you throughout the retreat are  so life-altering, your life experience will be forever shifted.

Babe, we know you have a lot on the go. And it may not be “easy” to pick up and go to a retreat. But we invite you to get out of your head for a moment and feel into your body. Just for a moment… a women’s retreat on the peaceful prairies of Saskatchewan. Feel it.

Do you feel the flow? Can you trust the timing? Are you willing to throw your arms up and RECEIVE?

Yes- your retreat experience will be magical.

But you know what’s even more magical? Your post retreat existence on a daily basis. You return home- glowing with dynamic energy and confidence. Your partner looks at you with new eyes. Your kids have a new sense of appreciation for you. You feel a deep level of relaxation. You feel energized, sexy, and intricately connected. You are more clear, powerful, and influential in your work. You know how to take care of your energy. You trust your gut on when to say no and when to shout YES!

Sound like a life you can jump on board for?

It starts here —> https://kayleewoolhether.com/divine/ 

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