Listening to Body Cues As a Pathway to Greater Wellbeing

Do you find yourself:
Not realizing how thirsty you are until you’re parched?
Not tuning into how sleepy you are until you‘re overtired and cranky?
Not noticing (or ignoring) the need to pee until you feel ready to burst?
Not realizing you are hungry until you are ravenous and hangry?? 🥵

Feeling thirsty or sleepy, needing to urinate or needing to eat are all forms of body cues and body states. The truth is- these body states start off as neutral (sometimes even pleasant!). Our inability to recognize (or respond to) our body’s cues is the very thing that creates an unpleasant response.

Our body is like, “okay they aren’t listening, guess I’ll shout louder!” (Cue the late night headache when we didn’t turn off Netflix and get to bed, or getting hangry and snapping at our partner when dinner prep runs late).

Healing your relationship with food requires you to get in touch with your hunger and fullness cues. Getting in touch with ALL your body cues (need for rest, need to urinate, stress levels, etc.) will hugely support your ability to honor your bodies messages. 💖

First, be kind to yourself. It’s okay if you feel out of tune with your body cues right now. In a society fixated on DOING, slowing down and listening to your body can feel counter intuitive. But if you’re craving greater peace with your body and ease with food and eating, you’ll have to rebuild body trust by learning to listen to your body.

Second, set an intention to become acquainted with your body sensations and respond to them accordingly. Practice paying attention to your body, it’s cues, and all the wisdom it has for you.You may start to notice patterns or trends. You may be surprised by what you notice. You will begin to develop a heightened awareness of your own body sensations ➡️ a pathway to important information about your well-being!

If you want support in this journey, I’m here for you! Learn more about Food Freedom Coaching.