I’m Kaylee, a Non-Diet Holistic Nutritionist and Food Freedom Coach

I help people find freedom with food by taking the emphasis off external cues such as diets and programs, meal plans, and confusing nutrition information and placing the emphasis on your own internal cues such as hunger, fullness, like, dislikes, satiety, and pleasure.

My role is not to tell you what, when, or how to eat.

My role is to guide and assist you along the path towards deeper self-compassion, self-respect, and self-trust.  Your intuitive eating wisdom, and your freedom, stems from knowing and trusting yourself.

Choosing the path towards food freedom is not another diet, program, plan or prescription. Nor is it short-term, a gimmick or a quick fix.  Luckily, it’s not something you can fail at.  Fostering intuitive eating and rebuilding trust in your body is a learning experience, a healing process, and a pathway to freedom with food.  It is a reclamation of your own self-trust, your pleasure, your knowing, and of your body- which has likely been hurt by body-shaming, weight stigma, and diet culture.

This process invites you to move out of a rigid black-and-white, failure-or-success, perfectionist style of thinking, eating, and living.  You’re invited into the grey zone, the place where stumbles are learning experiences, and we hold ourselves with deep compassion and forgiveness.

I won’t lie, the grey zone can be uncomfortable.  There is less (perceived) control, and more notions of surrender, acceptance, learning from.

 At no point will you check off your ‘to do’ list:
became an intuitive eater,
finally arrived in my body,
stopped hating myself.  (And you KNOW I love a check box on a to do list- we would if we could!).

You won’t check it off your list because this isn’t a list, this is real life.

Because your struggle with food and hating your body has probably been life-long (as mine was!).  Because food freedom and embodiment are not somewhere you arrive at, they are an energy you create and sustain through the ups and downs of life.

Who My Coaching Is For:

  • People who want to make peace with food, and are ready to quit dieting, once and for all. You recognize that diets, restriction, and attempts to change your body are not working- physically, mentally, or emotionally.

  • Those who feel overwhelmed with all the ‘health and nutrition’ information out there and are exhausted by trying to keep up with it all.

  • Anyone who is struggling with ending the cycle of dieting, monitoring, restricting, or undereating; followed by overeating, binging and the accompanied feelings of shame and failure. You may feel you have ‘hit rock bottom’ with dieting, monitoring your food and attempting to manage your weight. You are aware you can’t go back - but aren’t sure how to move forward.

  • People who are ready to explore an alternate paradigm around health and weight- one where the focus moves away from weight and your body as ‘the problem’ and highlights the real problem- diet-culture and societal conditioning.

  • Those who wish to regain trust in their body. You want to explore food and movement as it relates to your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing- even if you aren’t sure exactly what that means for you yet!

  • Anyone who is ready to accept, respect, and maybe even come to love their body. You’re ready to do the repair work. This process is about healing our relationship with food, our bodies, and ourselves. That requires rebuilding trust in yourself; just as your body will learn to rebuild trust with you- to give it enough to eat consistently and to honor your needs.

“I loved her holistic approach to the whole experience we shared together! You will not regret working with Kaylee. I love her kind, humble,gentle energy!! She led me in a very positive direction with my relationship with food.”

What I Stand For:

Through personal experience, and a massive body of scientific research, this is what I know to be true… (and maybe somewhere, deep down, you know it to be true, too)…

Diets Don't Work

Period.  We are deeply enmeshed in a world of diet-culture, which will continue to lie to us, tell us we need to change, and sell us a false solution- for a $$$ price.

    • P.S. I’m not just talking about what my millenials might consider ‘old school’ diets- you know, counting points and low carb with Ms. Craig and all that.  I’m talking about the two week stint with a keto diet, the Whole-30 experiment that was followed up by a week of binge eating, that time we took nightshade vegetables out of our diet because.. can’t remember why.  (No judgement- I’ve been there, there and there!)
    • P.P.S. Note the health-washed gift wrapping.  Marketers know people don’t like the word diet anymore.  Taglines like: “Plan for healthy living,” “Lifestyle Change,” “Self-Development Program,” “Building Healthy Habits,” that come with a list of what to eat and what not to eat, translate as DIET.


Let’s pause. Take a nice big inhale.  And exhale. Sink into your Self.  Sink into your knowing.

Until we stop restricting food- completely, truly, once and for all- we will never have food freedom.

    • If you don’t subscribe to a certain ‘diet plan’ and still find yourself struggling with food- check your thoughts.  Many of us have a deeply ingrained diet mentality.  The dieting mind looks like this- feeling guilty for missing a day of exercise, not allowing yourself to eat after 8:00pm even though you are hungry, describing a meal or day of eating as either good or bad.
    • Our bodies understand restriction as starvation.  Food (aka energy) is essential for our bodies to function.  Hunger is a mind-body connection, it is not a matter of willpower, it is a biological drive.
    • How many times have we told ourselves- this is the last time I’m going to eat (insert your restricted food here), only to over-eat with a ‘last-supper’ mentality?  If you know and truly trust that you can eat any food again, any time you want, the swing back into overeating goes away and we easily stop eating once we are full and satisfied.  (You’re feeling this truth at a DEEP soul level right??)

Our body weight is not a direct reflection of our health.

    • To put it bluntly: our culture worships thinness and demonizes large bodies.  Our cultures current beliefs around health and weight are harmful- as they promote food obsession, increased risk of eating disorders, and a dieting lifestyle- which usually leads to weight cycling.  Weight cycling has shown to be more harmful to our health than maintaining a stable, higher end of the spectrum body weight.
    • The shape of your body does not dictate your health status.  And your health status is not a moral issue.
    • My work is weight neutral- meaning I am not for or against weight loss.  In this work, we put weight-loss on the backburner in order to do healing and repair work.  I trust that your natural healthy weight is the size your body is when you are doing the practices that support yourself and your health.

The pathway to food freedom and embodiment is paved by feeling all the feels and emotional healing.

  • This is emotional healing work from a space of self-compassion.  We come to understand the role food has played for  us- the nurturer, the coping mechanism, the numbing agent, and we thank food for holding this space for us.
  • We invite neutrality around emotions and expressing emotions.  It is not good or bad to feel a certain way, it just is!  This is a space for you to explore emotions safely and to learn new tools and coping mechanisms that may be more sustainable than using food.

Joy-based movement- that is, movement for pleasure- is sustainable (and life-enhancing!). Fear- or guilt-based movement is not sustainable.

  • Movement doesn’t need to be exhausting, used as punishment for overeating, or something that adds to stress levels.  In fact, movement can be fun, comfortable, part of your daily life, stress relieving and rejuvenating (it can even include rest!).  When our prime focus is on weight loss, it won’t motivate us to exercise for long.
  • When we bring the focus onto how movement makes us feel, everything shifts!  I truly believe people of any size, ability or interest can find some form of physical movement they will enjoy.  For me, it is yoga.  My yoga practice has given me the space to move my body with love rather than fear or guilt.  Each movement is a celebration, a living prayer, a praise to where my body is at today. I encourage movement as a way to create deeper attunement and connection to the body.

Your body is not the problem. All bodies are amazing, worthy, and deserving

  • When we appreciate and respect ourselves, we take care of ourselves.  We’ve learned the hard way that hating ourselves into a version of ourselves we love does not work. 
  • All the shame, blame, judgement or fear you’ve felt surrounding your body is not your fault.  In this work, we externalize the previously internalized anger and blame towards the real problem- a diet-culture which will continue to lie to us, tell us we need to change, and sell us a false solution that keeps us trapped and coming back for more.
  • I trust you and I trust you with the sacred act of taking care of your body, no matter what your size.

Okay, let’s pause. Take a nice, deep, slow breath. Thank yourself for being here. This is brave work! I am so proud of you.

  • How It Works
  • How We Get Started
  • Rates
  • Congratulations

Coaching is profound work.  Having someone in your corner to listen, bounce ideas off, learn from, and laugh with is irreplaceable!
Food Freedom Coaching is a 3 month program.  We will meet virtually 3x per month.

Month 1:
-Initial Consult (90 minutes)
-2x Follow Up Sessions (60 minutes per session)

Month 2:
-3x Follow Up Sessions (60 minutes per session)

Month 3:
-3x Follow Up Sessions (60 minutes per session)

-2x Check-In Calls (30 minutes per session) to utilize anytime during our three months working together.  These check-ins are super helpful when something expected or triggering shows up in your life and you need some extra support.
-Telegram (instant message & voice note) support for the full three months.

Book a free connection call so we can meet, get to know each other, and see if us working together is a good fit.  During our call, we will go over the time-frame and cost of one-on-one coaching, what you can expect from our time together, and what will be expected of you (such as an estimated time-commitment).

3 Month Food Freedom Coaching Program

Biweekly Payments: $195 (CAD) + gst

Monthly Payments: $390 (CAD) + gst

Pay in Full: $1170 (CAD) + gst

*Request for Sliding Scale Pricing

Congrats on taking this brave step!  I can’t wait to chat with you!!

Book individual 1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • My three month Food Freedom package truly is the most potent way to transformation with your relationship with food and your body!

  • However, I get that you may not have the time/resources to commit to a coaching package and I want to support you.

  • You can book individual 1:1 Food Freedom and Body Peace Coaching Sessions.  60 minute sessions where we connect online.  I’m here for you!