How to Create the Perfect Smoothie Bowl

This is a classic strawberry banana smoothie, with a twist.  If you’ve yet to experience a smoothie bowl, the idea is to create a very thick smoothie, often fruit based, that you can eat with a spoon.  The consistency is similar to ice cream, making this a delicious treat you can enjoy for breakfast, a snack, or dessert.

There are a couple tricks to creating the perfect smoothie bowl…

The first trick is using frozen fruit.  If your fruit is not frozen, you will have to add a lot of ice cubes to create the same consistency, which is fine, but it does dilute the flavor of the bowl.  Sometimes I buy bagged frozen fruit.  More often I purchase fresh fruit and chop it myself, freeze it on a tray, then pour it into a bag or container to store in the freezer.  I find this is generally less expensive, although bagged frozen fruit is definitely convenient!

Another trick is starting with a small amount of liquid and only adding more as needed.  I’ve turned many smoothie bowls into plain ol’ smoothies by adding too much liquid.  Depending on the amount of fruit you use, I would suggest starting with 1/4 cup or less of liquid (nut mylks tend to work best).

Finally, a good blender with a tamper is really handy, if not necessary, when making a smoothie bowl.  You’ll need the tamper to push all the frozen fruit into the blades and get everything mixed up.

Last but not least, load your smoothie bowl with fun toppings!  Smoothie bowls can be topped with hemp seeds, chia seeds, any nuts or seeds really, nut or seed butters, additional chopped fruit, shredded coconut, granola, dried fruits, whatever your heart desires.  Decorating your bowl is half the fun, so get creative!  You have total permission to play with your food. 😉

For this smoothie bowl, I simply used frozen strawberries and bananas, and almond mylk.  I topped it with dragonfruit, Brazil nuts, coconut flakes, and more strawberry.  Yum!

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