Compliments that aren’t about physical appearance

Did you know complimenting someone on weight LOSS could mean complimenting them on:

*Disordered eating behaviours/ developing or sustaining an eating disorder

*A period of grief (like losing a loved one) or a period of time after a traumatic experience where they weren’t able to eat

*An illness, chronic health condition, or the accomanying medications which have resulted in weight loss

Did you know criticizing someone on weight GAIN could mean criticizing them on:

*Recovering from disordered eating

*Going through puberty (changing body shape)

*Choosing to take a life saving medicine

*A pregnancy

*A hormonal imbalance which has resulted in weight gain

*A physical injury which has limited their mobility

The best time to comment on someone’s body is… never!

Here are some compliments that aren’t about physical appearance:

*I love spending time with you

*You make me smile

*I admire your strength

*It’s so good to see you

*You’re so creative!

*Your energy is radiant

*You inspire me

*Being around you makes me happy

*Your confidence is contagious

*I love your compassionate heart

*Thank you for being so understanding

*You are so kind

*You are oozing with positivity!!

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