Communal Table

  This past August, I was truly honoured to partner up with fellow nutritionist Brittany Reid to host the first annual Communal Table dinner event. Communal Table is a celebration of food, community, and conversation. Our vision was to create a long table, 5-course dinner, featuring locally sourced ingredients, while listening to live acoustic music and … Read more

How to Detox Safely

Detox.  We seem to hear that word thrown around quite often these days.  But what is detoxification?  Well, detoxification is the elimination of accumulated toxins from our blood and tissues.  Toxins are substances that irritate or harm the body.  It’s important to note that our incredible bodies naturally detox themselves every day.  However, supporting our … Read more

Breakfast Inspo! Sweet Potato Toast

Here is your Sunday dose of breakfast inspo!  Have you tried sweet potato toast yet?  Surprisingly, it creates a great alternative to bread and holds up well even with a lot of toppings! To create sweet potato toast, cut a raw sweet potato into slices about a quarter inch thick.  Place your sweet potato slices … Read more

Diva Cup… Diva What? The 411 on Menstrual Cups

Happy Tuesday!  After my post on red raspberry leaf as the ultimate uterine tonic, I got super excited to talk period solutions with you!  So now, I’d like to blog about my favorite and most valuable period tool: the menstrual cup.  Making the switch from tampons to menstrual cups was literally life changing for me, … Read more

Beet & Chickpea Spread (+ Collard Wraps)

Beets!  Love em’ or hate em’, you can’t deny the beauty of the beet… The color, the versatility, the abundance of health promoting properties.  Let’s learn about beets… Beets are very high in antioxidants.  Their rich color is an indicator of this, similar to the deep color in blueberries which indicate their high antioxidant value.  Amazingly, the highest … Read more

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