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Awakening the Divine Feminine: Reclaiming the Witch as our Inner Wisdom

Prepare to gather on the land over food, over teachings, and in ritual & ceremony as we AWAKEN the divine feminine within each and every one of us.  Now is the time for the medicine of the feminine to rise and rebalance our earth.

This offering will guide us deep within ourselves, to shed old beliefs and old fears about expressing our power.  We will gain an understanding of how patriarchy has shaped the energies of the masculine and feminine, and how we can use this understanding to step into our own truth... 


Join us for a destination retreat at the beautiful Santa Catalina Retreat Centre in Panama, where we will empower each and every one of us to discover and be our true, authentic selves.  We want the true YOU to be seen and to be celebrated.

When we come together as women- we reconnect with the goddess, we build community, we heal, we nourish our souls, and we rise.  Authentically You: Women’s Wellness Retreat is all about WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN!  No competition, no judgement; just pure love, authenticity, and support.

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