Upcoming Events

We invite you to spend the weekend with us, to  journey back home to your Authentic Self, and to reinhabit, and learn to love, your physical body.  This women’s retreat is your safe space to show up exactly as you are, and to experience, connect, and find support through your healing journey.  In this deeply supportive space, we will work at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to develop insight and deeper healing of our relationship with food and our body.

Sacred Sisterhood_ Cover

Since the beginning of time, women have been gathering in circles to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and prayers.  Our monthly circles consist of a group of women, coming together to draw upon the powerful energy of the Full Moon. Each month, we are invited to open our hearts and renew our connection to ourselves and our community. We celebrate the magic of sisterhood and offer loving support, encouraging each woman to embrace her unique and beautiful self and live to her highest potential.


Receive: An Evening of Restorative Yoga

Give yourself permission to step into a space of receiving, and enjoy some relaxation and pampering.  We will utilize the beautiful practice of restorative yoga to help our relaxation response kick in- bringing you out of "fight or flight" mode and into a restful state of being. Top this off with healing touch, relaxing music, and a calming environment- this evening will recharge the body and mind, filling up your cup to overflowing!

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