Upcoming Events

Release & Reclaim

On Sunday June 23rd, we invite you to join us for an earthy, grounding energy of Cacao with the expansive, airy energy of Quantum Sound Technology to create space for a powerful healing experience.


Journey to the Heart: Yoga & Meditation Retreat

A Day of Sacred Self Care to Nurture your Soul

Inviting you to join us on the lake and prairie land for a day retreat that will feed your heart and soul, and nourish your body and mind!  This is your opportunity to refuel, connect to yourself, and come back into balance. Our day retreat will be filled with enriching yoga and meditation practices, nurturing food, and deep connection to nature.

Sisterhood Gatherings Lumsden Beach

Since the beginning of time, women have been gathering in circles to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and prayers.  Our monthly circles consist of a group of women, coming together to draw upon the powerful energy of the Full Moon. Each month, we are invited to open our hearts and renew our connection to ourselves and our community. We celebrate the magic of sisterhood and offer loving support, encouraging each woman to embrace her unique and beautiful self and live to her highest potential.


Join us for an evening of community and connection, as we sit in circle and share in the energy of the sacred plant medicine cacao.  In our ceremony, we sip on cacao (alchemized into a warm drink) in a meditative setting as we connect with our heart and our truth.

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