Upcoming Events


Join us for an evening of community and connection, as we sit in ceremony and share in the energy of the sacred plant medicine cacao.  In our ceremony, we sip on cacao (alchemized into a warm drink) in a casual setting as we connect with our heart and our truth.


Join me for a transformative group coaching experience that will set you on the path to a healthier relationship with eating, food, and your body.  In this deeply supportive space, we move beyond the physical to discover how to heal your relationship with food at a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Discover why a disordered relationship with food isn’t even about the food itself!


The Divine Feminine Retreat- Yoga, Ritual, Wellness.

Join us for a transformative weekend in the forest, where our intention is to reconnect to this divine feminine energy, reconnect to our truest and highest selves, and lay the foundation for true, unshakeable self love.  Discover the power of self-compassion and loving kindness. Discover the power of gentleness, flow, and ease.



Join us for a destination retreat at the beautiful Santa Catalina Retreat Centre in Panama, where we will empower each and every one of us to discover and be our true, authentic selves.  We want the true YOU to be seen and to be celebrated.

When we come together as women- we reconnect with the goddess, we build community, we heal, we nourish our souls, and we rise.  Authentically You: Women’s Wellness Retreat is all about WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN!  No competition, no judgement; just pure love, authenticity, and support.

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