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Sisterhood Gatherings Lumsden Beach

Since the beginning of time, women have been gathering in circles to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and prayers.  Our monthly circles consist of a group of women, coming together to draw upon the powerful energy of the Full Moon. Each month, we are invited to open our hearts and renew our connection to ourselves and our community. We celebrate the magic of sisterhood and offer loving support, encouraging each woman to embrace her unique and beautiful self and live to her highest potential.

Kaylee Woolhether Women's Yoga Retreat Saskatchewan

Divine Feminine Calling: A Women’s Wellness Retreat

This day is your opportunity for self-care, inward reflection, expression, and connection to women in your community. This retreat will guide you towards a deeper understanding of the divine masculine & feminine energies, how they each play an essential role in our lives, and how you can harness them!

Women, Food & Spirit_ COVER

Women, Food & Spirit: Healing our Relationship with Food & our Body

Ladies, I invite you to join me for a transformative group coaching experience that will set you on the path to a healthier relationship with eating, food, and your body.  In this deeply supportive space, we move beyond the physical to discover how to heal your relationship with food at a mental, emotional, and spiritual level.


Cyclical Woman: A 4-Week Journey to Honor Your Divine Nature

Are you ready to trust your body’s wisdom and surrender to the flow?  Are you ready to create a healthier relationship with your body and your menstrual cycle?  To free yourself from distressing PMS symptoms? To create a deeper understanding of your body’s needs throughout the month?  This program is for you!

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