The Body Peace Project

5 weeks Online beginning November 2 Make Peace with your Body

It’s time. You’ve been at war with your body long enough my friend. It’s time to make peace with your body.

I know you’ve tried. You’ve tried to love yourself and do the affirmations and the self-care and soak in the tub with 400 candles but something just hasn’t clicked. You’re still self-criticizing- comparing yourself to everyone else, agonizing over acne, glaring at your stretch marks, wondering when you’ll stop feeling out of control around sweets, never feeling good enough, and letting a pair of tight fitting jeans ruin your whole morning. Maybe after quarantine you find yourself a little softer and are unsure about what that means for you…

Your mind wants to create a plan- time to restart the process of reducing your flaws and fixing yourself.  But your heart is saying something else. Your whole being is tired of the plans. Tired just thinking about all the energy- time, mental energy, physical efforts, emotional distress- you’ve put into worrying, fussing, and stressing over your body. Only to end up back here- unmotivated, unhappy with yourself and stuck in comparison mode. Your heart is screaming: enough is enough!

You know you have so much to offer this world. You are so much more than your body or your pant size or a number on a scale. It’s time to stop letting your body image hold you back– from enjoying life today, from taking true, deeply nurturing care of yourself, from using your voice and spreading your message, from loving and being loved for the amazing soul you are.

The Body Peace Project is a new way.  This is a weight inclusive space focused on detangling and healing the shame and oppression placed on our bodies. This is an unlearning of societal beauty norms and diet culture. This is a safe, healing, and brave space for all.

The Body Peace Project is your path to body acceptance.
Want to end the body battle?  Ready to make peace with your body?

This Program Is For:

Week 1: A New Paradigm- Health at Every Size®

  • Discover an evidence-based paradigm that shifts the focus from weight to health and well-being
  • Learn to externalize body shame and bias (your body is not a problem to be fixed)
  • Work with weight-neutral self-care practices; understanding why self-care rooted in shame does not last

Week 2: Developing Self-Compassion

  • Understanding self-compassion- seeing and listening to yourself with kindness and curiosity
  • Fixing versus healing: a new understanding of what healing looks and feels like for you
  • Discovering self-compassion as the highest motivator
  • Invoking self-compassionate- the practices

Week 3: Your Body’s Needs and Boundaries

  • Identify and reconnect with your body’s needs and boundaries
  • Examine what it’s meant to live in your body and how this has impacted your current body relationship
  • Identify the patterns of coping you’ve developed, create awareness around cycles keeping you stuck in body mistrust, and develop exit strategies

Week 4: Body Acceptance & the Grief Process

  • The process of body acceptance as a grief process- understanding and navigating loss in relation to body love
  • Anger and depression as healthy and natural guideposts along your path to body love

  • Tools and practices for navigating the stages

Week 5: Embodiment and Pleasure

  • Explore embodiment and what this means to you
  • Giving permission for pleasure and reconnecting to pleasure in your own way
  • Discover body connection and comfort with joyful movement
  • The importance of creating community

What You'll Receive

The Details:

Your Facilitator:

Kaylee Woolhether is a Non-Diet Holistic Nutritionist and Food Freedom Coach. She helps people find peace with food and their body through intuitive eating, radical self-compassion, and embodiment.

Kaylee is a Body Positive Yoga Teacher with a goal to create safe and inclusive yoga classes that are accessible to every body. Kaylee’s classes, workshops, and programs are trauma-informed and steeped in the energy of bhakti yoga (heart-based, self-devotional living).

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“I reached out to Kaylee last April after attending one of her workshops.  She helped me overcome some huge life challenges and taught me skills that I will use for a lifetime. She is a kind soul and I always felt so relaxed and full of positive energy during our sessions.”
“I loved her holistic approach to the whole experience we shared together! You will not regret working with Kaylee.  I love her kind, himumble,gentle energy!! She led me in a very positive direction with my relationship with food.”