Welcome friend!

I’m Kaylee, and I’m so glad you’re here!

A little about me…

I am a water lover  who grew up on the lake, a cat person (if you don’t know my cat Wally yet you will soon, hehe), and my favorite thing to do is laugh.

I love spending time creating in the kitchen and my latest passion is dancing through my emotions.

I believe that we are the creator of our own lives.  At first that can be a tough pill to swallow, but in truth it is incredibly empowering. Health, happiness, and living consciously are a choice we get to make, and continue to make, every single day!  When we choose to live from a space of love over fear, miracles occur.

Kaylee Woolhether

I am passionate about:

  • Healing myself (guess what loves… self-first is necessary, not selfish).
  • Helping others heal- on every level, through a holistic approach to health (mind, body, spirit).
  • Emotional and spiritual healing through promotion of self love, self care practices, self development, and connection with nature & source (whatever version fits for you).
  • Inclusion!  Promoting body positivity, acceptance, and non-judgement for ALL- no matter what size, color, gender or non-gender identification.
  • Community.  Building an open and welcoming community and promoting collaboration.
  • Healing the planet.  Raising awareness for living consciously and sustainably, and promoting food choices which support the health of our earth.
Kaylee Woolhether

My Story...

I’ve struggled with an unhealthy relationship with food, and my body, for most of my life.  Since age 12 (maybe younger) I thought I was only “being healthy” if I was dieting. This belief, paired with some seriously negative self talk, created an imbalance in my weight and my mental/emotional health. I experienced symptoms of brain fog, severe mood swings, and depression. This pattern of dieting and binging continued for many years. When I was 20, I started a strict diet program. Sadly, at the time, my motivation for healthy living was purely to lose weight, because I hated my body.  Surprise surprise, this motivation (hatred for my body and feeling I had to change to be loved) was not enough to sustain this diet. Despite losing a significant amount of weight, I slowly began to gain it back. Top that with moving away from home for the first time, which triggered feelings of being unsafe (consciously or not). Cue food as coping mechanism, food as safety net, and a regaining of weight (my armour). Luckily my move landed me in a job at an amazing health and wellness centre, dedicated to helping people heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. As I began to understand holistic healing (body/mind/spirit), I realized my eating habits and weight issues ran at a much deeper level than the physical.  I had to start with the foundations- self love, studying my beliefs, forgiveness practices, meditation, connection to a higher power. As I healed my mind and spirit, my body began to heal as well. My weight began falling back into balance. I actually felt far more comfortable in my body than when I had been 50 pounds lighter. This holistic viewpoint led me to study reiki energy healing, to develop my intuition by working with tarot and oracle cards, and ultimately to study holistic nutrition. My own health journey and my studies in healing are continuous. But the future is bright knowing that only as an act of self love can true health be achieved.

The fine print (my experience):

  • Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) through the Institute of Holistic Nutrition
  • Reiki Master
  • Certified Angel Card Reader
  • Experience mentoring nutrition and coaching clients one-on-one
  • Created dozens of custom meal plans/guidance for people working with unique dietary restrictions
  • Offered countless nutrition and lifestyle group workshops and seminars
  • Had the privilege of offering several day and weekend long wellness retreats (interprovincial and international); creating ceremony and holding space in ritual and healing
  • 200 hour trauma-informed yoga teacher

Why Coaching?

Wherever you’re at on your health journey, there is no time like the present to commit to self care.  Making the choice to work on yourself and your health is the first step. I’m here to provide you with the tools, motivation, accountability, and support you need to achieve your best version of personal health.

I recognize that it can be intimidating to invest in yourself.  I’ve been there. Really it comes down to trust. Trusting that gut feeling, that intuition, that is telling you “you don’t have to live like this anymore.”  Trust that today is your day to set foot on a journey to health, no matter how many times you may have tried and failed; stumbled and fell. Believe me, I have to!  Acceptance is a big piece of the puzzle. Accepting that the past is behind us now, and everything that we’ve been through has brought us to where we are now- stronger and more capable.  In truth, all that exists is this very moment.  What will you decide to do within this moment to create beauty, health, and happiness in the next?

Kaylee Woolhether Tarot Card Reading

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