Welcome! I’m Kaylee.

Cat person, great listener, open-hearted cis-gendered woman, and water lover (I live on the prairies but grew up on the lake!).  I like to laugh, sing unnecessarily loudly in my car, spend time outside, chant mantras, and create in my kitchen.

I’m showing up here, in my bold and beautiful body, to help you find freedom with food.  And to remind you that you (and your body) are deeply deserving of love, kindness and respect, exactly as you are today.

I had struggled with my relationship with food, and my body, for my entire life.

from playing merry-go-round with the restrict/diet/overeat/binge cycle, to thinking I was a ‘food addict,’ to eventually recognizing and recovering from an eating disorder. You can trust me when I say, I get it!

For me, food used to be a struggle, an obsession, a burden, fearful, and shameful as hell; but also food was a friend and a tool for coping with difficult emotions and situations.

Now, I’ve found food freedom.

I’ve discovered how to eat intuitively and how to listen to my body and my needs.  I can honestly say food is fun, eating is pleasurable, and I deeply enjoy my life- without overthinking or obsessing about food, dieting, or my body. 

 (You can read my full Body Story here!)

See, along the way, I’ve also gained freedom from body shame. Food freedom and freedom from body-shame/hatred/mistrust are kind of a package deal.

If you feel unhappy or uncomfortable with your body or your weight, and the pursuit of thinness, fitness, “new-body-new-you,” has become a constant project- you are not alone! I’ve been there. I’ve played the game since I was 11 years old.

We never start with, “I want to become obsessed with food” or, “I want to develop an eating disorder,” or “I want to spend hours working out every day, even if I don’t have time left for anything else.”  Often, it starts off with, “I want to drop a few pounds.”  A seemingly simple statement that progresses into dieting, disordered eating and body-shame.  Sound extreme?  But the truth is, this was my story and this is the story of many others.

It’s time to change the paradigm of how we look at health and weight.  Despite what media, diet-culture and (sadly) some health professionals may tell you- another diet will not solve your problem.  Even if that ‘diet’ has been beautifully gift-wrapped as a ‘lifestyle change’, ‘the way our ancestors ate!”, ‘a self-development program’, or ‘insert other BS statement here’.

Dieting (aka restricting food in any way) will not solve the problem because:

A. First of all, you’re likely misunderstanding the problem.  (I did, for a long time!)  Your body is not the problem.  All bodies are amazing, worthy, and deserving.  Changing your body via dieting or restricting is not the answer to unhappiness, or disordered eating, or discontent with the shape of your body.  (I tried it, it didn’t work.)

B. Until you stop restricting food- completely, truly, once and for all- you will never have food freedom.  Because you will be stuck in the cycle of controlling, regulating, restricting, and relying on external guidance (plans/rules) instead of listening to your internal guidance.

C. Diets don’t work.  Period.  Remember how we misunderstoof the problem?  The REAL problem is: we are deeply enmeshed in a world of diet-culture, which will continue to lie to us, tell us we need to change, and sell us a false solution that keeps us trapped and coming back for more.  Diet-culture feeds us an idea that our body is the problem; that something about us is wrong or broken, and needs to change in order to fit in, be loved, and be successful.  This is a lie. Please revisit statement A. 🙂 


Let’s take a deep breath together. Seriously- try a nice deep inhale and exhale right now. I get that it feels shattering that there isn’t a quick fix to feeling great in your body and finding ease with food. No magic diet pill. No meal plan that will finally be ‘the one’.

However! It’s actually exciting, because I invite you to view health and weight in a different way

In a way where your body weight is not a direct reflection of your health (it’s not! This is another one of those diet-culture lies… sigh).

In a way where we pursue true physiological, metabolic wellness- not cosmetic fitness and culturally idealized looks.


In a way where we move for pleasure and enjoyment, instead of guilt-exercising to ‘make up for that desert’.

In a way where we get in touch with ourselves so we can listen to our inner signals and meet our own needs.

The pathway to food freedom and embodiment is paved by feeling all the feels and emotional healing.

The freedom comes from doing repair work for all the times we’ve allowed someone else to tell us what we can eat, or how we should look. The freedom comes from identifying and healing harmful beliefs around food and our bodies.

Remember when I told you I deeply enjoy my life? It’s true! However, I still have challenging days, I still feel sad, I still cry and get angry and grieve my losses. Food used to be my #1 tool for coping with heavy emotions. Now, I have more sustainable tools for coping with my emotions.

One last thing you have to know!!  You can start where you are at today.  You don’t have to wait to start down the path to food freedom until something changes or until your body changes.  


In my experience, it will take support.  It will take a community of people to help you do the inner work.  That’s why I do the work that I do. To keep reminding you- the problem is not you; the problem is not your body.  To keep reminding you- the solution is internal.  My role as a Non-Diet Holistic Nutritionist and Food Freedom Coach is never to tell you what, when, or how to eat.  My role is to assist you along the path towards deeper self-compassion, self-respect, and self-trust.  Your freedom stems from there, from within you.

“I loved her holistic approach to the whole experience we shared together! You will not regret working with Kaylee. I love her kind, humble,gentle energy!! She led me in a very positive direction with my relationship with food.”

The Fine Print (my experience):

- Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) through the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (B.C., Canada)
- 200 hour trauma-informed yoga teacher
- Reiki Master
- I’ve had the privilege of coaching clients, both one-on-one and in group settings, as well as offering countless yoga classes, workshops, and wellness retreats- ranging from day to week long retreats, held interprovincial and international.