Kaylee Woolhether

Hi beautiful!

I’m Kaylee, a holistic nutrition & lifestyle coach who helps women dive deep into the blocks and beliefs that are holding them back, in order to rediscover their truth, purpose, and power.

Food is so much more than calories and nutrients.  Our relationship with food has a direct correlation to our relationship with life itself.

The struggle with food (and life for that matter) is not foreign to me.  I didn’t grow up on some organic farm were we grew kale and canned vegetables and made sauerkraut and played skip rope with the damn cows in the sunshine.  I grew up just like you- confused about food, only feeling “healthy” if I was dieting, and with the media, my family, friends, teachers, and peers telling me I had to look or act a certain way to be beautiful, loved and accepted.

For years, I let fear rule my life.  Deep down, I knew I was a powerful woman who had SO much to offer, but after receiving so many messages that told me I wasn’t worthy- the truth of my own power scared me shitless.  Instead, I chose to numb out. I numbed my emotions, my truth, and my power with food, alcohol, and drugs. Binge watching television and overspending to fill the void I felt weren’t far behind on that list either.

Wouldn’t it be fun if I told you that one day something revolutionary happened and I “woke up” and my life transformed instantly in that moment?? Alas, I cannot.  Sure, I may have reached my own version of “rock bottom,” which told me loud and clear I needed a change... But this journey back to myself, back to my truth and power, back to the lifestyle I’ve always deserved to live- has been a steady, ongoing process with plenty of bends in the road.  Through my studies at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, and my studies in reiki energy healing and the intuitive art of tarot, I learned a holistic approach to healing; that is, treating the mind, body, and spirit to heal the whole self.  But the greatest insights have been found on my meditation cushion, and in lively discussions with my soul sisters and my own mentors and coaches.

And now I’m here to coach you in your own journey.  Through mindfulness and staying in the present moment, you’ll learn how to ditch all those “distractions” that have kept you small, sad, and unconscious: binge eating, overeating, emotional eating, too many glasses of wine, excessive television, online shopping, overworking, focusing on “helping” everyone else.  Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe there is a time and place for many of these things to be enjoyed. However, when used as an “escape”- for the purpose of distraction from reality, for tuning out- they can become destructive, and pull us away from living our fullest, most brilliant life.

Those crutches aren’t serving you anymore love, and you can feel it.  What you’ll find, is that when you stop using distractions to shut down- you’ll actually feel more alive.

It’s time, gorgeous.  Time to stop numbing out.  Time to take back your power.  Time to get in touch with your body.  Time to treat yourself like the GEM you truly are.

Let’s walk this journey together.

I’ve got you.  When you (inevitably) stumble, I promise to catch you.

We’ll smile at each other, choose compassion and come back to love, thank the universe for the learning experience, and get back up.

However you choose to work with me- for reiki energy healing, for intuitive tarot reading, or for wellness coaching- know that you’ve been guided here because something inside you has been *sparked*.  Your soul- your truth- knows there is more to life. More purpose, more joy, more peace... And you are oh so ready to begin this journey back to yourself darling! It’s time.

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