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Food and Your Body

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I get it- you want eating to be easy.

You’re overwhelmed with all the ‘health and nutrition’ information out there and are exhausted by trying to keep up with it all.  You want to make peace with food once and for all, but you don’t trust yourself to know what, when, or how much to eat.  Oftentimes you feel totally out of control with food!  What you do know- these repetitive attempts to change your body and diet are not working for you- physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Food Freedom Starts Here!

My free 3-part video series is your first step towards dropping the fight with food and rebuilding trust in your body’s innate wisdom.  Plus – I’m gifting you with accompanying workbooks and my self-compassion guided meditation for extra support on your journey!

I’m Kaylee, and I’m here to guide you down the path to food freedom and embodiment.

My coaching is not another program or meal plan.  I support you through a healing process and learning experience where you rebuild self-trust and reclaim your body, your pleasure, and your knowing.

No more searching outside yourself for answers- time to develop the self-compassion, body-respect, and freedom you deserve!

Can you relate?

Food used to be a struggle, an obsession, and a burden. Eating felt shameful- with every food labelled as ‘good’ or ‘bad’- but also food was a friend and a tool for coping with difficult emotions and situations.

Now, I've found food freedom, and you can too!

How I serve you:


Food Freedom Coaching

I help people find freedom with food by taking the emphasis off external cues such as diets and programs, meal plans, and confusing nutrition information and placing the emphasis on your own internal cues such as hunger, fullness, like, dislikes, satiety, and pleasure.



I believe exercise can be fun, comfortable, part of your daily life, stress relieving and rejuvenating (it can even include rest!).  In fact, this is how we create a sustainable (and life-enhancing) movement practice.  Guilt-based movement just isn’t sustainable!

“I reached out to Kaylee last April after attending one of her workshops. She helped me overcome some huge life challenges and taught me skills that I will use for a lifetime. She is a kind soul and I always felt so relaxed and full of positive energy during our sessions."
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Housed in Regina Beach, Saskatchewan, but I serve all across the globe!